Monday, April 25, 2005

Externalism and Attraction

Well, the truth about my not blogging last weeks isn't what I said in
my last post, that I'd been busy grading papers--though, I had been
quite busy grading papers (p.s. I just found about the difference
between "quite" in British English, where it de-emphasizes, and
American English, where it emphasizes---incredible!). The truth is I'd
been thinking about the header comment. The truth is things didn't
quite work out with Sylvia (American sense), and that's had me down for
awhile. Like all the hurdles one reaches in life, however, it's made
me reflect, and reflection is my job, so it makes me do my job better.
What I've been reflecting on is what attraction consists of.
Internalists, are, of course, tempted to say it is just a state of
mind. So it is just the emotions I feel when I drink a nice Pinot and
think about her. ( And wow, is a nice Pinot nice!--thanks to Sideways
for letting out the secret of California's best grape!) This
comforting thought, which got me through the end of my last
relationship, no longer seems true to me. Sylvia is a part of my
thought. I may be able to get her out of my head, but she is
constitutive of my mental. Externalism about the mental, while it may
make epistemology a little easier, certainly makes the romantic life a
bit harder.

Well, this blog is getting to be a bit more sappy than I intended
I've actually pretty much recovered from that little burst of
post-romantic melancholy and am back in the game, philosophically
speaking. In fact, at a colloqium on rights yesterday I mopped the
floor with a few questions about the relationship between persons and
their desires.


Anonymous Katherine said...

Awww! Nat, you're so sweet to be self-conscious in your own blog - don't you realize the whole point of a blog is that you can say whatever you want without dissembling? Personally, I've been enjoying the tales from your personal life almost as much as your more thoughtful posts - anyway, I thought that was why you were anonymous to begin with. Well, Sylvia sucks: what kind of idiot would order the fusilli at the Olive Garden when the chicken parm is so obviously the way to go? And it sound like you were very thoughtful and patient with her. Her loss!

5:15 PM  
Blogger Naxos "Nat" Simeon said...

Thanks your for kind words. BTW, do you go by Katherine or Kat?

5:45 PM  
Anonymous kk said...

KK, to friends :), and they're not just kind words! If I had had someone like you around to encourage me when *I* was just starting to get interested in philosophy... well let's just say I wouldn't have spent my first 2 years of college majoring in theater.

6:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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