Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Just a thought experiment....

As I,mentioned in the last post, Zane, my friend and colleague from the English department has been reading Parfit lately. We had a drink this evening...

Zane: Why would someone want to reproduce assexually using Star Trek technology? You know I'm not a Freudian, but some times these things are just too obvious.
Simeon: He doesn't want to reproduce assexually it's just a thought experiment.
Zane: Yeah, just like Oedipus Rex was a Sophocles's 'thought experiment' about sleeping with your mother and killing your father...

Now he wants to know what other twentieth-century philosophy to read. Says it's like primitive art or something... I hope he doesn't get wind of the fat man in front of the trolley case or the rapist's pleasure objection to utilitarianism. Not to mention Jim and the Indians... (perhaps native-americans would have been more sensitive)


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